Saturday, March 15, 2008

Poor Choice of Advertising

While browsing the news sites this evening I happened to see another story about a teacher being charged with sexually assaulting a child.  Appalled, I clicked on the story and of course, had to wait through a commercial to see the streaming video.
However, I think that whomever is in charge of uploading the advertising bits should have paid a bit more attention to which ad was being connected to which news story.

Go check it out here, and tell me if you agree...

On my screen I was greeted with happy men and guitars singing "VIVE! VIAGRA!" Hoping and praying that it was a fluke, I opened up a new window and saw a man ecstatically driving up into the driveway to surprise his wife.  "Oh good," I thought, "a car commercial...."  And then the voiceover stars talking about E.D.  Erectile Dysfunction.

Now, I've never claimed to be a genius - but how completely inappropriate  was it to have this precede a news article about a sexual assault on a child?

Okay - rant over, soapbox kicked to the side. 
Never mind (climbing back on) - I'm emailing CNN!  


gazker said...

It seems the vid don't work in myneck of the woods! I agree totaly with your thoughts though.
How ever, I'm a little worrried about your choice of subjects recently that make me propel my morning coffee at high speed toward the screen. Yesterday it was vagina's, today erectile disfunction! Are you trying to tell us something?
Gaz ;-) xx

beckiepainton said...

total pilloks.Beckie x