Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Geek Squad MUST be Taken Down!!!

35 minutes.
2100 seconds.
That's how long it took me to pick up Harry's camera tonight from Best Buy.   First, it was my fault for going to the wrong counter.  I went to the Customer Service desk where a girl wearing a headband and a long duster sweater that made her ass look ginormous waited on me out of sheer annoyance.  "You need to go to the other side," she whined while she blew her bangs out of her face which made me want to slide across the counter and slap the headband on her head properly to fix the heinous hair issue. 
I instead looked at the round desk and tried to figure out which side was the "other" side.
A small man leftover from Monday's holiday hopped up and said "I can help you! Name?  What do you need?"
"Oh, okay. I need my husband's camera.  It's an XTI or something. With more letters and numbers in it, I'm sure!" I giggled to myself since Junior had already flown through the plastic curtain. 
"Is it this one?" he asked referring to the little black bubble-wrapped device he was holding. 
"Er, I don't know - is it an XTI?" 
"No," he went to the backroom again and came back empty handed.
"I'll have to look it up for you,"  he said and ran to the computer terminal.   I was getting mad at this point and felt my face flush when he started helping someone else.  But I was there to pick up the damn camera not to make friends with little fleshy Leprechaun-types.  
Ten minutes later he looks at me and I give him my best "I will set you testicles aflame with just my look" look (ask Harry - he's seen it) as he then pages a manager.
Within five minutes a blond guy my age appears and starts to look all over for the camera - grilling me on the voicemail that Harry got that assured him his precious camera had been returned with a fixed flash. 
"I didn't hear it - my husband is in D.C. so I'm here to pick it up - his camera.  We have a wedding this weekend. I really need it,"  I said.   I was hoping to guilt him into just giving me a new one.  Hey - weirder things have happened.
Five minutes of me sitting on a tiny plastic chair had passed when Manager Boy stepped from behind the curtain holding a bubble-wrapped camera.
"Hey - she said that one wasn't hers!"The Leprechaun protested.
"How'm I supposed to know?" I was beyond offended!  Dude was calling me out because I didn't recognize my HUSBAND'S camera from ten feet away while it was wrapped in bubble wrap??? 
"I told you it was a Canon XTI-"I started but little dude was having none of it.  He stopped helping his new customer (a theme?) to point out to his new manager "She said it wasn't hers.  I said 'is it a Rebel?' and she said 'no'."
To quote lots of attitude-havin' women:  Oh no, he didn't!
"Excuse me but I said it was a Canon XTI, I didn't know it was also called a 'Rebel.' And hey, you're on the Geek Squad aren't you supposed to know all this electronic stuff ? I'm not. I'm in HR.  However, I can get you a job you're more suited for, if you find this one too hard."
The manager busted out laughing behind me as he finished ringing someone up as did all of the Leprechaun's co-workers.
Somehow, though, he didn't seem as amused. 
Hey - you keep me waiting for thirty minutes to pick up something that was already mine in the first place - what do you expect - a frickin' cookie?
Whatev's Geek Squaud! Go play with your D:\\ drive!


gazker said...

Last blog before marriage.........Loved it. I think you need to marry off Miss Bangs and Geek boy!Gaz xx

oddb0dkins said...

No sense of humour them leprechauns.

B. x

beckiepainton said...

I work in a shop and when i get a complaint i sort it there and then or if someone asks for help im there.I hate shoddy customer service, I once lost a watch in a changing room, i asked an assistant if anyone had found one, she just said' umm, nooo' She didnt even ask for my phone number incase it was found later.I also hate it when you ask for something and you get told'over there on the bottom of the shelf' with a finger pointing to the other side of the shop with 20 or so shelves in rows of 5.DUH!! Beckie x