Thursday, June 2, 2005

Ten Year Reunion and Musings

I just realized that my ten year reunion was fast approaching - like an iceburg and the Titanic (no ass-jokes here, please). It made me think of a few things...


Middle school was a picnic compared to what was to come as freshman in High School.  We were to be the fresh fruit display on the smorgasbord of upper education. 


We were divided, deluded and devoured by cliques, formed shortly after man was created.  We were sorted based on our book covers – the things visible to the naked eye making the decisions for us.    Little did we know as we stood there in our Kmart shorts and matching tops that these new molds were ours to conform to for our entire high school careers – or worse – the rest of our lives.


The popular crowd selected the pretty kids, a big toothy wide white grin and a head nod towards the chosen ones as the only indications of acceptance.  The athletic ones were high-fived and chest-bumped by others sporting jerseys of different jarringly loud sports teams.  The geeks, nerds and Bill Gates fan clubbers were shuffled off to the library to lean the latest in HTML format.  The rest of us were the un-chosens.  We watched as the smart ones were given textbooks bigger than our dining room tables at home and sauntered off clutching their new college application schedules.  We stood there – unclassifiable.  A fate worse than death, some would say, at least in high school-speak.


We were forced to wander from clique to clique never really fitting in and never really being accepted until, horrors of horrors, the only listing that would befall under our Senior Class Picture/ Accomplishments was – Yearbook Staff.

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