Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Date Night and Spidey Sense

So - I'm alone again.

Big pitiful sigh from me and one anguished slap in the forehead for ya'all.


Harry had to go work out of town again, but not before spending a wonderful weekend with me.

Lemmie explain.

Friday: A dozen pink and red roses walk through the door FOR ME! It was the commencement of "date night" which means that I wear matching undies and he buys me pretty things. It's all good.

Suddenly, out of left field, some old friends come in to town, so romantic dinner is pushed to the side to eat at a local Italian place with pictures from the 70's decorating the walls.

After dinner Harry asks me to tell him that he can't go out with the rest of the group to a "club of ill-repute" because he was supposed to spend the night with me.

I earn enough good girlfriend brownie points for a new car (hopefully) by selflessly declaring that he should go with the guys since one of them lives 10 hours away. I kissed him on the head and placed upon him just a few usual rules, "have fun, don't touch anything and don't bring anything or anyone home."

He got home at three a.m. and made it up to me. :)

Saturday: Slept in until one a.m.

Was very very nice.

Sunday: Air conditioner broke. Shower broke. And toilet remains broken (see one of the first journal entries for explanation of broken toilet and the hard times that involve flushing by sticking your arm in the tank! ew.).

Try to clean house - but instead opt for a drive and a big 'ol scoop of ice cream.


All in all - a very good weekend.

Had to call ex beau to ask if he would, pretty please, come and look at my air conditioning unit. And, no, that's not a pseudonym.

Spent last night painting.

It was very nice and calming. Like Zen and the Housewife - a way to be one with yourself.

Crap, that went weird. Oh well.

The Zen like state quickly vanished when I tried to kill a teeny spider crawling up my kitchen wall!

The nerve of the little bugger to set up house in my, well, house!

So I balled up a wad of tissues and went after him "Die! Die you little shit! Die!" Usually, they oblige - but this one had spidey sense and jumped a la killer cricket, two feet to the left! Undeterred I lunged - tissues first at him - dodged again!

Finally, I got out the big guns.

I stood over him, hulking, with an industrial strength can of RAID.

He looked like the last surviving member of a foam party when I was through with him.

Funny, don't remember much else...








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