Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cherry-poppin' McD's

Tonight I decided to partake in a little fast food "food." since nutritional value was not a concern my first instinct was for a nice frothy, simple milkshake from McDonald's.
I wanted that sweet, cold, sinful beverage to carry me through the remainder of the night as I catered to the every whim and demand of my increasingly violent 11 month old. (He totally gave Daddy a fatlip yesterday. Awwwwwesome!).
But when the man/woman/Overly-made-up worker handed me a plastic cup - I was a little taken back.
And then I spied it.
A cherry.
On my vanilla milkshake.
Infiltrating it.
Oozing into it.
So I steered with one hand, pulled over into a space and flicked the offensive and intrusive semi-fruit into the parking lot.
I was not pleased and was tempted to go back and ask them for another, minus the fruufruu.
Instead I took a massive gulp, closed my eyes - and gagged. The shake tasted like it was made with refrozen ice cream and vomit.
So I flipped the rest of the "treat" out the window.
Nah. Not really.
But I shoulda!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when hillbillies try to "get fancy"? I haven't been to a McD's in about 10 years, but I remember that green "shamrock" shakes would pop up this time of year. Do you think your locals will be putting a mint sprig on that for ya? -Cin
P.S. Aren't those McD shakes actually made of asphalt? They get warm but never melt.