Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random Happenings from World of Holly and Harry(s)

I'm a bad, bad, Mrs. Blogger, huh?
Well, it's like this - the Ipad? Ya know that uber-cool thing that Mr. Jobs RAVES about - DOESN'T WORK FOR BLOGGER BLOGGING.  And no app in sight. 
And---- I killed my Macbook Air.  No - I don't know how and NO I didn't do it on purpose - it just got - confused.  And kept trying to load but, pathetically, couldn't.  But never fear. Big Harry was here to fix it - with a backed up copy. From May. 
So I only lost a few months (forehead smack goes here). 

I traveled to NC for a few weeks with the Harrys and was taunted daily by a mysterious ball in the pond behind our hotel.  "Fred" as I named him would show up at random times and random places within the pond - looking no worse for the wear from storms and random Hurricane-winds that swooped by.  I made up stories of his origin since there are NO houses near that part of town and I could only guess he was related to "Wilson" of "Castaway" fame. He was my friend.  Some days - my only friend. 

I threw my back out again - worse this time.  I swear if I find the expiration date on this here body of mine.... Well - I'm asking for a refund - or a bionic body - I can scrape up donations for $6 million, I'm sure.  So after two weeks of ineffective Chiro-ing I finally went to the doc and got a shot in the butt for my trouble - and a crap ton of Rx's.  I'm going to be better in no time - and probably do something else stupid to mess it up.  

Currently my baby boy, Harry the Fourth, is creeping along toward the six month marker.  What the hell happened to the past three months? The first three seemed so slow, as if they would never come to a close and reveal the boy beneath the fussy baby and now - dude is growing up too fast! I buy him 6 month clothing - AND THEY'RE TOO SMALL!  He wears baby capris cuz the pants are too short and they give him a lil tummy fat roll too!  He's found his toes, too. And instead of being overjoyed - he's mad.  They're like little five-toed invaders into his world and must be destroyed.  Problem is, once he's managed to pull of his socks and get into a reclining position - his belly blocks their way to his mouth.  So he tugs with BOTH HANDS to get one foot to his mouth.  Holding his breath he'll get his big toe in his mouth, grin, slobber - and lose his grip. For which he will then utter his favorite baby curse word:"MAMAMAMAMAMAMA!" - Yes, my name is what he utters when he is BEYOND pissed at the world.  Siiiiigh. 

Went to the Fallfest tonight in Barboursville, WV.   Ate a hot dog.  A Pepsi.  Some bits of a funnel cake that fell out of Big Harry's mouth.  A deep fried pecan pie.  Some curly chips and - currently - a bag of cotton candy.   I expect the sugar coma to be a way to catch up on my sleep from the past few months.  

Oh - and on the "New Mama" front - my hair has decided to part ways with my head.  The hair sculptures on the shower wall have gone from Minimalistic Expressionism to A Grotesque Overuse of Medium.  Nothing I can do will stop my hair from falling out in clumps.  So - if you have a lot of pesky hair, thick strands that you can do nothing with - just have a baby and watch it all, literally, go down the drain.  I'm THIS CLOSE to hitting Chic Wigs in the local mall.  Maybe they'll have a Katy Perry blue one and I can start a (very bad) trend. 

Last week I turned 30-uh-(mumble).  The boys and I went to a very fancy restaurant. I was mortified.  I was expecting the baby to go all Excorcist crazy on me since I was eating (He doesn't like for me to eat.  No, really, he'll knock the food out of my hand or grab it from me.  It's the best diet - if I'd let him win).  But he did really well.  I have pictures but, of course, my Mail isn't working right now.  Why? Cuz Mac's hate me.  
And sometimes, the feeling is mutual. 

Okay - off to bed now since the baby is asleep and, per usual, if he's asleep, I'm asleep.  Or bidding on stuff at  That place is ADDICTING! And so much less commercialized and confusing and shady as Ebay.  

Rant over. Everyone back to their large bag of pink and blue Cotton Candy.  What? No Cotton Candy? Oh that's saddddddd. I'd share but.... well... uh....  :)


cmh said...

hahahaa...Mama is my new cuss word.
Please keep us posted on what Fred is up to. I don't trust that ball.
Happy 30!

Odds Bodkins. said...

Ah yes, I can just about remember being able to get chew my toenails. These days I have trouble just seeing them!

I can send you some hair next time I have mine cut. You like grey, yes?

B. x