Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sleeping Beauties Green with Envy

Both Harrys are sleeping peacefully right now. Both have arms and legs flailed and both are snoring softly. United in slumber I am again reminded how outnumbered I am as they frolic through dreamland and I stare at the wall trying to remember if I took the sheets out of the washer.
My days are filled with the stresses of keeping my baby, SeƱor Fussybutt, fed and happy. This is my new job. And, to discredit myself as a mother, it really can suck sometimes. As much as I love my baby, I find myself yearning for those things I now miss: movies, free time to write, personal hygeine and showering daily. Sigh. Oh and sleep. I miss lazy Saturdays and sleeeeeeeep!
Sometimes I'll be watching tv and see a mom with curled hair and darkened lashes and think: "When did she have time for THAT?!" and then I remember --it's fiction.
So although I have little time for fashion, romance, and, unfotunately, hygeine, I am constantly amazed at my little guy and his ability to make me smile one minute and be terrified of his lil' 12 pound ass the next.
Motherhood, so far, is kinda smelly, kinda weird, kinda tiring (a lot!) and kinda great.


Odds Bodkins. said...

Don't worry, I hear it gets easier after the first sixteen years.

B. x

Anonymous said...

Dont discredit yourself,being a mama can really suck somedays. Getting by on a few hours sleep and not quite sure the last day you showered is not easy. When my twin girls were born my hubby was deployed so I was alone for the first 4 months of their lives. One day my BFF Kris walked in my house to see me with both babies sitting on the floor all of us crying, I had not slept in 2 days or showered for 2-3 days and was having a melt down because I could not get Maddy to eat. Turns out I was so tired I mixed them up and had fed her already. It will get easier as you get more comfortable in your new job as mama.