Monday, April 4, 2005

Disney and 'Donald's

Three months and counting until my metro-sexualish hubby and I jump a plane to take us to the happiest place on earth. No, not the New York Premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (sigh) - DISNEY WORLD!

I am beyond excited - and terrified, considering my daily aerobic activity to date is just about a centimeter above "dead." So - this week Harry and I have been foodie angels. Low-calorie and low-fat meals have been consumed with barely a grimace. We've done stomach crunches, rode stationary bikes and even bought dumbbells!

After a week of being downright angelic when it came to caloric consumption - we decide that no harm could really come from splitting a small fry and a diet coke from McDonald's (aka "El Diablo). So we pull up, order, and then pay. At the food window - the girl hands us a HUGE bag of food. Harry glances down in it, looks at me and then peels off like the fuzz was going to chase us down.

They had mistakenly given us - brace yourself - a 10 piece nugget and a large fry. We decided that it would be wrong to deny the food gods receipt of their gift to us, so we chowed down like two hungry, hungry, giddy, hippos.

Best part of all? Since we didn't order it - it's free! Free food! Free non-calorie food! See - free = zero calories!

Ahhh.... I am a genius!









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